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INFORM has relationships with key partners to further INFORM's mission.

We recognized the importance of being able to help our clients predict what claims might become expensive so, that they can be managed earlier in the claim processing cycle. That's why we partnered with AnalyticsPlus. They are experts in predictive modeling.

As for claim adjusting expertise you can't beat the individual attention that North Shore Risk Consulting, LLC consulting can provide. True experts in Worker's Compensation and General Liability.

  • Compliments INFORM's RMIS Goals
  • Focuses on Actionable Improvements
  • Claim Handling Expertise
  • PhDs & MBAs Predict Your Claim Costs
  • CFA's
  • Insurance Carrier Claim Adjusting Experience
  • Experience at a Major Transportation System
  • Claim Reviews
  • RIMS Fellow - Claim Consultant

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Our Partners


AnalyticsPlus helping companies monetize their large investments in data infrastructure and translate data into business solutions. Our goal through advanced analytics is two-fold: One, help you increase your profitability. Two, help you differentiate yourself from competitors. We bring you these benefits through use of smart data mining and analytics technologies.

Anil Joshi is the President and CEO of AnalyticsPlus - a Chicago based company specializing in advanced analytics and data mining solutions for the insurance and health care services industries. Alan Josefsek is the President of INFORM Applications, a leading provider of RMIS system. In partnership with AnalyticsPlus, INFORM Applications has created a web-based product called Claim Predator® that integrates predictive modeling in its RMIS system.

Ostroff Associates

With unparalleled access to decision-makers at all levels of government, Ostroff Associates provides effective and aggressive representation on a wide variety of issues on behalf of a diverse mix of clients.
OA has been one of the leading government relations firms in New York State since 1995.  Our team has the experience, insight and strategic thinking necessary to advance some of the most complicated issues before policy makers and defend our client’s business practices from challenges at all levels of government.  
With access to key decision-makers, we are able to precisely and credibly tell our client’s story and find innovative ways to solve problems. Our breadth of experience includes, but is not limited to, economic development, technology, finance, transportation, energy, healthcare, entertainment and higher education.

North Shore Risk Consulting, LLC

North Shore Risk Consulting, LLC sees Risk, Insurance and Claims consulting in today’s business environment as a multi-faceted yet integrated process. This requires consultants who are students and practitioners of the many components of risk that comprise the complete financial landscape that confronts today’s business. Our range of services and methodologies apply equally as well to the small business owner seeking comprehensive yet cost-effective programs to minimize risk as it does to the large multi-location business enterprise with complex risk positions and financial risk. We also provide valuable services to the insurers who provide the insurance products needed by these businesses.

It is our mission to provide thorough, professional analysis of business issues, provide real-world recommendations to solve those issues and see the process through to final implementation and assessment. Through our internal consultants or our national network of like-minded professionals, we are capable of providing comprehensive evaluations and recommendations to our clients and back those recommendations up with real-life solutions in the insurance marketplace. Professional issue resolution, on terms that are satisfactory for the client and within budget, is our goal; integrity and knowledge are our tools.